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Let There Be Lightt

Over the years, I had been invited to try out plenty of new services and software, mainly by start-up company off Silicon Valley. Mainly I stumbled across beta program and sign myself up. Some were offered by friends. Some were good. Some not so. Google Wave was a disaster on its own, but had now been iterated into a more polished product, Google Plus.

I did some trial for Squarespace among others, and recently, I had been one of the early adopter of Lightt.

Lightt is currently an iOS only app, which takes a burst of ten frames a second apart, and compiled it into a stock-frame take - sort of quick succession of stills or highlight. It was just stills, with no audio. The beauty was not on the actual video creation, but the option to share. The short clips or highlight would then be uploaded almost instantaneously onto the cloud and shared, either with other user of the app or via Facebook and Twitter.

Then app itself appears light, and comments could be up onto the highlights via the app, and as per other social network services, you can then follow others and interact with them.

The app was still maturing, and integration at the moment was still limited to Facebook and Twitter. I was sure there would be API created along with HTML codes to embed the published highlight onto blogs and other links. Another point which I wished that Lightt would take on would be to allow for seamless integration of Facebook comment system. Once you comment on the Lightt highlight on Facebook, it would appear on the Lightt as well.

Please check out the app on the iOS. I personal feel that there is a potential on the service and as a start-up, it would get snapped-up soon.

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