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Wreck-it Ralph

It was a lot better than we expected. We thought Rise of the Guardians was good. Wreck-it Ralph trumped it. Big time. My boys were laughing their guts out, and with plenty of cameo of characters they knew over the years, it was understandable.

Funny and fast-paced. With enough twist and sappy moments, even I was kept awake.

The story revolved around the protagonist, Ralph, a villain in an arcade video game which after a while, got fed up and decided to be the good guy for a change. It didn't go according to plan and he ended up bonding with a misfit in another video game when tried to win a car race. Ralph ended up being a father figure to the racer until the end, where another twist was revealed.

I left the theatre feeling good. The boys had been talking about the characters they saw during the movie. The one which stuck to my mind was from a video game I played in the 80s called Tapper. I used to play this with my sister on the old IBM PC, in glorious VGA graphic. How four colours used to look so good .....

A highly recommended movie for the whole family. A nice day out at the cinema guaranteed.

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