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Part 7 Capital Cafe

Some of the group members stopped at Starbucks at Maju Junction. We on the other hand decided to take a slightly more traditional lunch. We stopped at Capital Cafe or Kedai Makan Capital, right opposite Maju Junction.

It came highly recommended by one of my photographer friend, who for the past seven years had turned vegetarian. And he could still remember the taste of the food there.

Capital Cafe had a long and storied past. It had been around since before Merdeka and the building certainly showed its age. The top floor used to be a motel, but that had long been closed. The owner and workers stayed there now.

Not only that the food there as tasty, the restaurant was also rather unique. There were three main tenants at the front entrance. To the left, there was nasi padang, the middle was pasembor and the right was the magical Uncle with his magical wok who cooked a mean mee hailam.

We arrived there just after noon, and we already had to wait for a table. And according to my friend, the frenzy won't stop until 4 pm.

I ordered rojak pasembor. Not the main highlight on the menu I must say. I should have gone for the mee hailam which my friend had. But the company was good, and we chatted away for at least 45 minutes, when the urge to get on for more photograph returned. Onwards!

More about the walk here.

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