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Part 6 Kudu bin Abdul

Restoran Kudu bin Abdul. This was my Dad's favourite nasi kandar shop in KL. We as a family had been coming here since the early 80s, and we visited the shop on the day that the original owner died after a fall at the shop in the 90s. It had since been run by his children, and since then the food had never tasted the same.

We still come here if not for the food, for the atmosphere. There restaurant had a storied past. The great Tan Sri P Ramlee was a regular here when he was still filming right before his death. It was a taste of Penang, outside Penang. The curry was so spicy that if you enjoy the food with your fingers, you could still smell the spices on your hands a couple of days after! It was that tasty.

The last time I visited the shop was a couple of years back with my Mum and Dad. We stopped here when we were walking by towards Maju Junction - the shop was located on the last row before the intersection of Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman and Jalan Sultan Ismail. It was still early for lunch then, but still the crowd was already building up. SInce I just had my late breakfast not so long before, I had to give the place a miss.

Maybe I'll visit the place again in the next couple of weeks with my Dad. It had been a while since we both came …..

The walk was blogged here.

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