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One Book Done

On average I've been managing to read one book per month. This month, of would likely be two if not three. Do I read them? Nope. I just don't have the time to. Instead I listen to them.

I have been an Audible member for the last 5 years. I listen to books when I drive to and back from work, in between listening to podcast. I also listen to them in twice the normal speed to save time.

Today, on the way to KB, I managed to finish one book which I have been listening to for the past week. Inferno by Dan Brown.

Not exactly of Da Vinci Code's cadence and quality. It was still following on the lead character, Professor Robert Langdon as he go about deciphering visual codes. But the story and plot was not as intriguing. There was a real twist in the penultimate chapters but it wasn't enough to hide the lightweight feeling of the whole book.

But I was sure it was good enough - with the usual Hollywood sensationalism and Tom Hanks' charm - to be made into another movie.

I have another book to listen to on my journey home on Wednesday. It would be another book from the recently departed Tom Clancy. A longer book this time, which would take the rest of the month to finish. But I have plenty of driving to do though .....

More links on the trip here.

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