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It's Hover Time Again

Our trip to Kota Bharu wouldn't be complete without visits to a couple of restaurant. And these were restaurants we wanted to visit a specific reasons.

The first was called Restoran Hover. A couple of attractions here. The main waiter who does the cheque at the end of the meal and the fact that they have fresh turtle eggs here.

You must understand how the system works here at Hover. The waiters would bring all the available items onto the table with rice as soon as you parked yourselves at the table.

You then picked the items you wanted to eat, and leave the rest. When you asked for the cheque, this elderly Malay chap will then come around and mumbled while counting up your bill. I put the video of how it was done at the bottom of the page.

When Anita was carrying Idlan, she craved for the turtle eggs. She didn't know that she was pregnant and we happened to be at Kota Bharu at the time. She kept on asking me to drive her to Hover, and while there, she gulped down ten eggs in one go! The calorie count must have caused her trainer to have a heart attack now!

When we told Idlan about this, he said that this was the reason that he did things slowly. Like a turtle! Cheeky boy!

The second restaurant was Sun Two - or affectionately pronounced "soon-too" by the locals. The attraction? Boiled cow tongue. I wasn't joking. I never developed a taste for it. But Anita can go banana on this. Even today, she wanted to go to Sun Two this evening. But it looked like we would be having dinner at one of her aunt's. Sun Two and the tongue would have to wait .....

More thoughts on this trip here.

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