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An Important Win

It has been a while since I rang about football. Truth be told, the last few Saturday nights had been agony. Somehow, the mojo seemed to be lost in the closet in the last few months and winning seemed to take more than just effort. But tonight, hopefully the turnaround win would galvanize the team and would be the first step in finding our mojo back.

I had to admit that little Adnan made the impact tonight. Since coming in, we seemed to be more balanced as a team, and the pace of the attack seemed to pick up. I thought that Carrick were the one who tended to slow the lace down, but Cleverley was clearly was not clever last night. He was the weak link.

With Adnan replacing Nani - who had a promising opening few moments before fleeting off the game when Stoke scored - and Rooney dropping into midfield when Chicarito took over from Cleverley, we started to tick. As soon as the equaliser arrived, there was only one winner. And Chica did not disappoint.

It nay just appear to be a home win on paper, but the manner of the victory meant a lot for the team's morale. We need to cope better physically - Stoke was just plain nasty at times - and must be stronger at important moments of games. Hopefully this win would be the turning point to David Moyes' reign at Old Trafford.

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