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The Walk Part I

The turn out was very good. A quick head count at the starting point tallied at around 60. Weather was nice. It rained in the early hours, and the pavements were still wet. The sub had already started to pierce through the thick morning Kuala Lumpur cloud when it was time to start off at 9.30 am.

It was a Saturday, 5th October 2013, at Restoran Sahara on the north end of Chow Kit. The sixth instalment of the Scott Kelby Annual Worldwide Photowalk, the KL chapter was organised and lead by the ever irrepressible Ripi. Maps and email storm galore prior to setting off, to make sure every participant for the picture. And he started things off with the pre-walk preambles and briefing.

Then came the obligatory group photo. Best to take it before we set off because the group will start to disperse and shrink before long. Fariz obliged with his 5D and wide angle setup. All smiles!

Young and old, there was space for everyoneFariz set up the group photo for us this yearThe group started to pair up and heading out in groupsSome were still trying to find their bearingsTime to rolloutThe route this year snaked through Chow Kit wet market, exiting on the opposite site - near Menara Safuan - before heading into the Town Center along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman towards Maju Junction and Medan Tuanku. There were a few gem here. Plenty of old shophouses plying the trades since the 70s with the owners having plenty of story to tell. The place had certainly passed its heyday.

Next, we passed by the main shopping district of Jalan TAR before the roads were blocked for the weekly Pasar Malam - the block started at 3 pm and we were well early. We then took a sharp left towards Jalan Bonus and Semua House. Walked along Masjid Indian and the new bazaar - creatively named Bazar - before reaching Masjid Jamek where we grouped for lunch at one of the cafe by the LRT there.

Getting wet in the wet marketColourful indeedThey certainly looked freshRolling out againBy the time we reached that particular checkpoint everyone was already comfortable sitting around. Lebuh Ampang and Chinatown was not far off for those still energetic - or have a spare battery pack. My X-Pro1 battery started blinking red once I hit the 350 frame mark. And it was time to call it a day.

Not after a spot of lunch though. And on the subject of food, we set off from a restaurant - Restoran Sahara - and I stopped at Cafe Safuan, Cafe Capital, Restoran Kudu bin Abdul and at the end CoffeeBox Cafe. So, you get the picture. It was food, drinks and chit chats along the way, plus stops at cafe, shops and stalls talking to the vendors taking in the feel of the place.

I just realised that Jalan TAR was filled with hardware shopsOld and rustic charmPlotting our next destinationDone and dustedIt was just before 3 pm when we said our goodbyes. Some of us had other engagements to attend to for the rest of the day, while some like myself, it was family time.

More on the walk here.

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