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Visiting Miss Ellie

On one of those rare occasion when I managed to escape from the hospital early, Anita suggested that we try one of her favourite cafe which she normally go to with her friends. It was a unique one, Miss Ellie Tea House at Taman Melawati. But looking at the outside, you would never have thought that the inside looked so cosy. So, I indulged her.

And pleasantly surprised I was.

Keep calm ....Nice hat ....Wouldn't mind this being my living room ....The decor was exquisite and very English. And the food was heavenly. We started with scones but the main I had pasta. Not exactly English, but the pasta was just amazing!

Let’s start with the decor. The place was not big. It had about half a dozen of tables, with a row of sofa for the casual diners. The lighting was homely and they had tit bits from the Old English adorning the walls. A few months back, my boys and their classmate made their way in much to the horror of the owner as the boys were like …. boisterous. I could share her concern as most of the decorative elements there were on the fragile site. The sideboards were antiques and the china were also proper.

Everything was freshly made at the cafe, from the pasta, to the jam for the scones. The coffee was freshly grounded and the tea was just superb.

The portion for each of the meals was large enough to satisfy, but small enough to make you ask for more. I went for the most difficult pasta to prepare, which was the pesto. And it turned out a delight. The pasta was dry enough not to go soggy when immersed into the sauce, while retaining it grainy texture and taste, while the tomatoes and vegetables tasted fresh and succulent. I just wished that the parmesan which they used had a bit more bite to it. As it was, I just felt that there was something missing. Not a complaint though, just me being fussy.

Iced coffee?Sharing them scones. And these are proper ones ....Time for the pestoPesto no more ....I had a cold-brewed coffee as it was a hot afternoon. Again, can’t fault the preparation. Well blended and not too bitter.

The place was half full even on a week day afternoon. I don’t think that they could have coped if the cafe was situated in a more affluent area such as Bangsar or Taman Tun. The sheer number of patrons would make them lose the homeliness and ambiance. I was just happy as it was, and being in the middle of almost nowhere, parking was a doodle. They are closed on Sundays and Mondays though.

Please check out their website for more details and directions to the place. I would definitely be going there again from time to time. I might try something else next time …..

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