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Paging Mr Ender

The boys and some of their classmates spent the day at Kidzania today. They got back home late afternoon, and Idlan was so exhausted that he actually had a nap as soon as he arrived home.

As for the evening, it was Anita's and my turn to go out. We went out for dinner, and then watched a movie. Anita wanted to watch Diana but the timing was off. We ended up watching Ender's Game. It turned out to be better than we expected. And we wished that the boys came along to watch as well.

The movie was an adaptation of a 1985 novel be the same name, written by one of the film's producer Orson Scott Card. We thought it was fantasy fiction before we set down at the cinema. It turned out to be science fiction instead.

The story narrative was interesting and the main protagonist was a young boy. I was sure that my children would have been excited to watch this.

The story was about a gifted child, hand picked to lead the Earth Force against a swarm of aloe species following a failed invasion 50 years prior.

Humans decided to make a pre-emptive strike near the alien's home planet utilising the gift of this child, called Ender. It started off with his training, and through series of simulation built up into the final confrontation with the alien species.

There were twists and turns of course before the end, and it was pretty clear that it had sequels written all over. A quick check on Wikipedia showed there were plenty of books to come in the series. Anita wanted to watch the movie again, this time along with the boys. Highly recommended.

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