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Mechanically Frozen

As mentioned, my boys had been keen on watching Frozen for the last couple of months. Since it opened last week, they had been harping on about it. And with Idlan going for his bersunat on Wednesday, we had to do it sooner rather than later.

So, off we went on a late night show last Sunday evening.

It was a 3D show. Armed with the oversized goggle-glasses, we took out seats and was immediately stunned by the opening short-video to warm us up before the main event. And might as well.

I left the theatre with mixed feelings after the show was done. Yes, I didn't hold my attention enough that I actually dozed off for quite a bit. The story were both mechanical and predictable. It stuck to the tried and tested Disney animated fantasy of yesteryears to the T. As a result, it got boring pretty quickly.

Pretty princesses. Checked. Charming sidekicks. Checked. Plucky tunes. Checked. Lived happily ever after at the end. Checked. But unfortunately, it was no Little Mermaid. No Ariel. No Sebastian. No "Under the Sea". Great effort, but failed to fulfil the high expectation that Disney themselves created.

I would still recommend it to young families as the trip would no doubt still be enjoyable. The animation was nothing short of spectacular, but in the end, they were all just eye candy. And the 3D effect was A-MA-ZING!

Verdict from my boys? Idlan was amazed at the 3D but for Irfan, not so. They would still get the DVD later when it comes out though.

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