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Another go at the Z10

Anita has never been a fan of walking, especially when we were talking about walking from KLCC all the way to Pavilion. But with the new walkway - fully air-conditioned - she didn't mind. It was a nice walk and on a busy Saturday afternoon with the crowd and all, we didn't really feel the distance. Anita actually stayed at Pavilion while I pressed onwards to Low Yat. I was there to survey for a laptop for the society.

While there, I finally had a chance to have a feel of the Z10. A nice slick device, fast and responsive buy with a lame camera. I meant proper lame. After about 15 minutes, I still couldn't make up my mind if the phone would be a useful addition to my daily activities. Will the connectivity be better than the combination of iPhone and Nexus 4 which I carry now? Maybe the BB Chat is by he only one missing, but I never had any investment in that. I still rely a lot on Google and the cloud for my productivity apps. I don't think that by he BlackBerry OS was mature enough to support my need at the moment. Maybe it would improve.

So, I would have to do a bit of homework and hit the forums to find out a bit more about the Z10. Maybe it could turn out to be a hidden gem. We shall have to wait and see ......

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