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Malaysian GP

Lately, the Formula 1 hadn't been catching my imagination. Maybe it was more to do with my age rather than anything else. I hardly knew the new faces, let alone learned about their driving styles. But this being the Malaysian Gp and all, I decided to take notice and was in front of the TV all afternoon explaining to Idlan what Formula 1 was all about. Of course we were sharing the macaroons while we were discussing it.

I also noticed that the stands were pretty empty compadre to the years gone past. Which is a worry as the GP used to be one of the crowning sporting event locally, at least when I was still in the UK. I was also perplexed with the fact that both the Malaysian Open Golf and the GP took place on the same weekend. Somebody may have messed up on the planning I thought ...... They didn't get the memo possibly.

The race turned out to be quite interesting, especially now in the closing few laps, I just saw teammates Vettel and Weber going at each other trying to snatch the lead. Imagine if there were contact between the two, one taking another out. The team meeting would be rather interesting ........

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