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My Output Flow

It took me a few days to get all the photos from Kyoto sorted out and uploaded to my server, Flickr and Facebook. I was yet to blog about them though. That would be another week. I would need to do a bit of reading for that. Otherwise, I was pretty happy with the snaps. Happy that I stuck with the X100 rather than a bigger camera. The low-light performance form the camera was fantastic especially during the night walk capturing the sakura at the of Gion district.

So, what did I do with the snaps from the camera? I captured jpg on my X100. The on camera processing on a Fuji is excellent and I don't think that I would be able to get any better result tweaking a RAW file, not to mention the time saved. I then uploaded them onto my Mac, ran a program called Photolinker which would geotag the photos as well as keyword insertion. A straightforward but powerful program which I had been using for the past 5 years.

Once that was done, the photos were transferred onto Aperture for sorting and selection, followed by post-editing. Once the colors were tweaked, the files were exported into the final jpg via module called Border FX. This was how the frame was inserted as well as the final resolution of the images as well as the watermarks, both in prints and the metadata. The captions were also inserted before the export within Aperture. As a result, I was able to maintain the same captions no matter which service I uploaded the photographs to.

The first thing I did once the final jpeg were produced was to upload the photos onto my SmugMug server. For this, I used MacDaddy, another simple program which did the job very well. For Flickr, I used Flickery, and Facebook just the plain old web uploaded. No hassle there. This had been my method for the last few years. Simple, but effective. And if I had the time, I could breeze through all the photos within a few hours. But not this time. Work was in the way.

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