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Long Sunday

It certainly had been a long day. After sending my Mum to the airport, I went straight for the morning ward round, having breakfast after that before returning to the ward to check on some results.

Next order of business was to join Anita and the boys at Kidzania. Sunday. Not a good day for such activity even when the boys were already queuing for their tickets before 10 in the morning. That tool is well after lunch, and finally the boys relented to go home.

We had some take-outs at The Curve, and then went to the apartment as our maid had been there all morning cleaning the place. I would be spending a couple of nights there as Anita and the boys would be going to limit next week during their school break. Unfortunately I had a couple of calls to so and had to be left behind.

Tired from being up since 3 in the morning, I had a long afternoon nap at the apartment while the boys played around. They were too tired for the pools however and spent the time watching TV. And that was fine with Anita.

I had a matter to attend in the ward when I finally woke up and by the time I was done at Subang, it was already 8 pm. A quick dinner and then football. I was dozing off during the match. United managed to restore their 15 points gap while City was at Wembley playing Chelsea in the FA Cup semi-final. It could have easily been us playing City If not for the complacency against Chelsea in the earlier round ...

So, I need to catch up on some rest before doing my clinic in ParkCity tomorrow morning. Good night!

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