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Lumut Trip Cancelled

Nope! It wasn't my fault. I did not plan it. The MPV was in the garage for the weekend for some major work. Cost us a bomb and we were glad to get the van back on Monday in time for the planned trip to Lumut on Tuesday. I would be left behind since I would be on call a couple of days this week. So, everything was fine at the beginning of the day, apart from Anita suffering from a slight sniffles. Even the boys went to bed early in order to get an early start for the drive.

At around noon, as I was finishing my morning clinic and waiting for admission at the Doctor's Lounge before lunch, I got a call from Anita. An hour out, and Tanjung Malim,smoke started coming from the engine and the temperature gauge went up. The stopped the car at a lay by and called in the mechanics and tow. But they would only be able to tow to the nearest highway exit. We would have to pay extra to get the van back to KL and the tow truck was too small to fit everyone in. Plus, there were no taxis at the lay by.

I got one of my colleagues to cover - thanks Nor Liza - and drove from Subang to Tanjung Malim and drove everybody back to KL. Our driver decided to drive the van slowly back to KL, and he everybody, including the van made it back to Gombak in one piece.

The van went straight back to the garage, and guess what? Everything checked out fine! Strange. The van did not give any problem on the drive back to KL not when the mechanic stressed the engine later.

Sadly, the trip was already cancelled, and I was on call, so the boys had to spend the time in KL. Not sure what the plan was for today. My mother-in-law might take a drive down to the apartment in Port Dickson instead. Anita was not feeling too excited to go as she was still carrying a cold. Idlan especially was disappointed. Had to make plans for tonight I think …..

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