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Kiyomizu-dera Part 2

From part 1 ....

From the fountain, you could either took a hike up a small hill where more shrines were located. Halfway up there was a pagoda. We ventured there but unfortunately, the pagoda was closed for repairs. We then took an alternative route to the main exit, taking us round the base of the verandah of the main building around lakes and shops. I then realised how old the buildings were. The base of the verandah was made purely of wood, and these were huge and sturdy.

Say what? No photographs? But .... but ... but ....The base of the verandah. All wood!Fancy some tea?

There were tea shops along the route to the exit if you fancy some drink …. or even some meal. Since we were on a schedule, we gave these a miss and continue on towards the lakes. A small one but the reflections of the sakura tree made taking photographs just irresistible. And since the crowd were still light, it was an opportunity not to be missed.

Through the exit, it was time to shop. The small shops here sold cute little souvenirs, and I soon found myself spending equivalent to RM500 on these cute little stuffs alone! Not cheap.

I must say that it was a great idea to get here first and enjoy less of the hassle. The place really looked crowded but he time we flagged off out cab for the next destination ….

The first part of the entry here. More photos from this visit on my SmugMug site of Flickr site. Alternatively, click here for a slideshow within this blog. More write-up on the Kyoto trip here.

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