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Toiling Aroud

Japanese has an almost fetish-like fascination when it comes to sitting on the throne. The toilets were always very clean and in concert with everything Japanese, very high tech. And will leave you ..... well-cleansed after you do your business.

They even have background noise installed. The one at the conference centre was of chirping birds, making the awkward silence while standing to do your number one.

Then came the dazzling array of the buttons to push on the side of the toilet. And the cleaning effect. Thorough. That was the take home message.

The toilet I tries this morning has a built-in heating elements on the seat. No more of those shocking few seconds when you rest your bare bottoms when the cold snap hit you. Not really needed in Malaysia, but they could do with some in the UK.

Then the hand-washing part. The soap dispenser was always unique. Better read the instructions clearly, as not to embarrass yourself .... Truly fascinating.

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