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Boarding at Kansai

The Kansai Airport was much smaller than expected for an international airport. But the place was certainly geared for high volume I passengers as it showed this morning.

Since I bought a few items in Kyoto which I could get tax reimbursements for, I thought I had to show them to customs. It turned out that I didn't have to. Therefore, I had to do a bit of repackage before I got my luggages checked in. That took a bit of doing, especially taking some of the toys out from the bulky boxes.

The check-in queue was long, and that was not half the story. The next line up was to get through security. There were easily a couple hundred people in front of me, but the arrangement was so tight that there were no queue cutting. And the queue went through very fast. They had six X-ray machine to service us, and the staff on duty was very good at getting the lines moving. The instructions were also very clear.

Once we were through security, immigrations came next. Again another long but efficient queue. I would imagine KLIA would struggle to service such volume of passenger. Certainly these Japanese were very good at managing the traffic.

Next came breakfast. It was either Japanese of Western. Of course it was Japanese ....

I finished the rest of my yen buying sweets and chocolates. Luckily I managed to get everything cramped into my bag, as otherwise I might have to pay some tax at the customs when I reach KLIA as the shopping bags may look rather suspicious ..... More on my Kyoto trip here.

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