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Up KL Tower

This year, the boys' school trip would be up the KL Tower. And Idlan was afraid of heights. He had been up the tower a few times before, but always with us. Letting him loose alone next month may cause a bit of a worry, especially to Puan Anita. So, her brilliant idea today would be to take a trip there and familiarise Idlan, making sure he won't be creating a scene on his next trip.

How about Irfan? He preferred just to stay at home and play with his games. He was still recovering from the recent virus, so we wouldn't kind leaving him at home.

Apparently the restaurant up the tower had been renovated. It was now run by a different company. We didn't go to the restaurant this time, but from what vi saw on the leaflets things had changed. We went straight for the observation deck and lingered around there for almost half an hour.

The front line staffs were all Malay - not Malaysian but Malay. But the support staffs - those who manned the stores and security were all foreigners. Which defeats the purpose really as the high fees to get in put off most of the locals. Tourists being serviced by foreign workers at one of the main attraction at the capital? Should I be surprised?

Anyhow, the front line staffs were really helpful. There was a race being held there in the morning according to the posters. A race from the bottom up the tower using the stairs. Hmmm! Not my kind if race.....

At the walkways by the entrance, there was a mango exhibit taking place for the weekend. Unfortunately, there was not much left on the Sunday afternoon. After all, the Menteri and the likes had been and gone. No point showing their wares to the actual punters. Sad fact! But even the staffs there admitted to that.

After we were done walking around, we caught the sign that there would be a path leading up to the tower entrance through the Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve. It was still being built, but I'm sure it would be grand once it was completed. I would definitely be giving it a visit, although Anita insisted on doing the path from the top of the hill downwards. Not the other way round.

It turned out to be a good day out actually. With the hot weather, we could do with a nice drink right after. So, we headed straight to Pavilion.

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