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The Golden Pavilion

From Fushimi, we took a cab to Kyoto Station, followed by an underground ride to a station near our next destination. Next up, the Golden Pavilion. Or known locally as Rokuon-ji.

A bit of an anticlimax really after the splendour of Kiyomizu-dera. This place is more streamlined in terms of what you would expect to see. Not much to discover, and all you do was pay for the entrance ticket and follow the route. Not much room else to do as the crowd would be building up behind you. And it was already noon then, and the sun was pretty fierce for this time of the year. So, I just shuffled along with the rest of the party.

After the entrance, I was fascinated by the moth garden they had around the walkways. Well manicured as you would expect but I was sure that the attention to details to make sure that these moth thrive took plenty of effort as well. Before I knew it, I was already in front of this magnificent temple. With the reflection from the surrounding lake, it sure was a vista. Shame that we were reached there late morning as the light earlier in the day would have made the scene more photogenic.

Walking up the hill towards the entranceNice mossTicket in handWe spent around 20 minutes lingering around here before heading out towards the exit. More souvenir and then it was time to head back to the conference centre.

But before that, my Boss told me that by the exit, the would be a vendor who made the meanest wasabi peanut in town. And she was not kidding. It was a family business and they sold their wares on a simple table, but tasting was believing. The peanut got kick!!!!

They do the meanest wasabi peanut in the world here!A quick drink - this being a really warm morning, and then off we went again on a cab, back to the conference hall for lunch, followed by the afternoon lectures.

The slideshow of the visit can be seen here. Alternatively, you can catch the photos on my Flickr feed or direct from my host at SmugMug. More on my Kyoto trip here.

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