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Smurfing Good Time

The second instalment of the Smutf movie was released on Hari Raya. And with the visitors and all, we didn't get to watch it until the evening of second day of Raya. It was worth the wait as again. The movie was better than I expected.

All the main characters were back, although the story concentrated more on a few of the central characters as well as the development of the human family dynamics. Not much story of the Smurf village itself, mote on the human side this time. And mainly about Smurfette.

Rumour had it, the third instalment was already in the planning, to be released in 2015, but with a new character lending the voice of Papa Smurf. The current voice actor passed away in April. At the ripe old age of 87.

For the movie, we actually watched it at Signature Gardens, and there was hardly any crowd. Straight forward parking and a breeze of a drive into Gardens. Wish that it was like this on all our movie nights.

Definitely a recommended movie to watch for the family. Not such a surprise hit as Wreck-It Ralph, but fun none the less. And also not much of a laugh-a-minute as Despicable Me 2. My boys enjoyed it though. And that was the main thing.

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