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Snow World at Genting 

RM 48 for a pair of parent and child. It cost me just under a hundred bucks for the four of us to spend 40 minutes in a hall-sized refrigerator. But it was worth it. The boys had great fun, and the 40 minutes just breezed by.

The entrance fee included rent for boots, jacket and gloves. The number of people coming in were regulated, and entrance starts at the half hour, lasting until 10 past. Unfortunately, cameras and phones were not allowed in, and you'd be subjected to some overpriced service for the photographs. A couple of prints set us back a hundred bucks - same as the entrance fee.

By the entrance into the Snow WorldThe hall was decent sized, with three layers. The main floor is flat, allowing you to run around pulling sledge. There was also a couple of igloos, and you could feel the cold when you were inside. It was reminiscent to the walks I had to the lecture halls during my years at university. It was freezing.

Up a flight of stairs, there was another landing, plus a slide - a fast one - on a rubber tub. It was too fast for Idlan although he was initially keen. He chickened out at the top. I had to take the ride for him. Whooosh!

What it looked like on the insideLastly, selecting the photosThere was another area up top through another flight of stairs, and this one may be suitable for some sort of function. Hmmm! A birthday party maybe.

There was no snow flakes, although there were some fine ice on the flooring. Not enough for a snowball fight through, not making a snowman.

It was more fun than I expected actually, and although the entrance fee may appear expensive at the beginning, of was worth it. My boys certainly had fun. Irfan's cheeks were bright red when he came out.

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