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Don't Press the Button

We didn't tell them that the bathroom has a jacuzzi. We thought that they won't be able to figure it out. They noticed that there were nozzles on the sides of the bath tub and it was smaller than the one we had at the old apartment. So, last night when Irfan was having a bath, Idlan got curious. He stared pressing the button on the side of the water sprouts.

He soon discovered that the water came out of the side ports and all the bubbles in the bath just practically multiplied. And the rest was history ..... or to us, a nightmare.

They only came out from the bath at 10 last night and they were at it again when I returned from clinic this afternoon. And the floor of the bathroom was flooded. It was too slippery and we had to mop the place again.

Since we only planned to leave for Gombak tomorrow, I could imagine them getting in again tonight. And tomorrow morning. They just refused to go out of the apartment even for food. Disaster!

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