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Give me the Mendy

Yesterday, Anita ordered in for Berbuka at the apartment and she asked for chicken mendy to be delivered. Unfortunately, it was disappointing. The rice was plane, and the chicken looked like it was cooked the night before. As for the salad? The less mentioned the better.

Naturally, she wanted the real deal today. And the best chicken mendy that was accessible easily was from Al Rawsha near Bulatan Pandan. We stopped by there on our way back from the apartment to Gombak.

The oven smelt real niceThe place was still emptyIt was just before 4 pm, but there was already people waiting for take-outs. Since the menu was pretty standard, we didn't have to wait for long as most of the items were pre-prepared.

The table was already laid-out for the berbuka buffet a bit later. Most if the table had already had stickers on them, indicating they were already reserved.

And the take-out was ready .....So, we ordered the chicken mendy, some kebabs and salad. And it cost less than what we paid fir the delivery the evening before.

I stuffed myself on the chicken and rice, and by the tins I was ready for tarawikh, I could even open my eyes anymore. Too much cholesterol I was sure. Can't have the mandy too often .....

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