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Give me Strength

Even though I was looking forward to my week off from tomorrow afternoon, I dread the chunk of errands Anita had in store for me. I saw her drafting a list to last night, and I knew she would prefer me to do the driving around town for her rather than our driver. And personally, I also got things in wanted to do. I have yet to visit my Mum close to a couple of weeks now. Maybe I'll drop by to see her tomorrow after work. She would also like to have me drive her around I was sure.

One look at my table was enough to get me depressed. I have receipts and letters needed looking through. Luckily all my bills were done on the net, so most of them were already sorted. So, I'd probably spent this evening clearing up the room and my table. It was messy!

The table was in a mess ....No chance for a rest until the weekend I thought - but that was when the rumah terbuka really kicked off. More traveling and lost sleep looking at it. Thanks God my next working day after that would be the Wednesday after the weekend. Straight into an on call mind you.

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