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Cuti Raya Day-2

Since waking up this morning, I had been having this headache. Right at the top of my head. I tried ignoring it until I was back home for lunch, but it just got worse. I did a few errands and then sent to Mum's place with Anita and the boys. I took a nap there and when I woke up, the pain doubled.

I still ignored it, went to Pasar Ramadan in Melawati, and just grinned and beared it until berbuka. But it remained. It got better after some Panadol, but I was still feeling groggy until now.

Napping at Mum's. Makruh puasa.Anita preparing the rendang. And of course some sausages for the boys.So, no Tarawikh at the mosque, just at home looking at Puan Anita preparing rendang for Raya. I thought it was down to dehydration. In the last couple of days, since the move back to Gombak, I wasn't drinking much in the evening. And it was taking its toll. I've been taking plenty of fluids since and my head felt lighter.

Anita had a whole day of cooking to look forward to tomorrow. As for me, we have dine most of the groceries, but I was sure there would be plenty for me to do around the house.

Better get some rest tonight ....

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