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I have Candy 

After a couple of days with the new update - the iOS 7 - I must say that it was better than I expected. Much better actually. The new interface grew on me. And everything felt snappy with no compromise in the battery life.

The actual updating process was also straight forward. I did it during my morning clinic - guilty of using staff WiFi. The actual software download was around 800 MB in size, took me just under an hour. But that was not the main wait.

It took longer to update the ROM once the software was downloaded and the phone had to be connected to a charger since ny battery power was low. The ROM flashing lasted close to 45 minutes including the booting up.

Then I was up and running. Took me a couple of hours to get my bearings. I was especially smitten at the new calendar, the email interface and the SMS app. Everything appeared flat and intuitive.

First, download the updater software700+ MB later, then you press the install now buttonThen came the varificationThen came the long wait of the actual installation. This is the scary part when the ROM was being flashed.The shortcuts - by swiping you finger upwards from the bottom - was also a welcomed change. Yes, it was Android-esque, but that's no crime. Steve Jobs might take that as an insult, but it looked like Sir Jonny was all cricket with the idea.

The camera app was also a welcomed change but nowadays, I used my HTC One for picture taking most of the time. Maybe when I upgrade to the 5S later, I might be using that a bit more.

Even my iPad was also updatedSo, the long and short of it, the iOS 7 was more than just eye-candy. It looked like Apple did the changes from the ground up. To appreciate it more, you should try the update on a bigger device. It looked gorgeous on my retina third generation iPad.

Good luck updating .....

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