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Saturday Afternoon Meeting 

Saturday afternoon and as usual, there would be some medical meeting or forums taking place in town. This weekend it was on an oral anticoagulation, a favourite topic of mine.

So, off I went to the swanky new hotel in town - Grand Hyatt. Since I only joined for the afternoon session, I was worried that the traffic would've been bad on a Saturday afternoon. I decided to park at KLCC instead and took the underground tunnel towards Aquaria. From there, Hyatt was only five minutes away.

It was a big place. And the lobby was unique. It was basically one huge empty space. The ballroom and a couple of restaurants were located down there, but the rest of the lobby was located on one od the upper floors. You just take a lift up there. And that was where the checking-in and the business end happens. The lobby at the ground floor was left bare and sparse. Which was a welcomes change.

The AV system was amazing from what I saw. Seating area for the conference was also very comfortable and the cocktail area just outside the ballroom was big and accommodating. Something you would expect from a high end business hotel.

The talk itself was not bad. Very well oraganised and very well-ran. But it ended quite late though. Almost 6pm. But that didn't stop me from joining the boys across town at Setapak for dinner straight after.

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