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Boating around Lake Lugano 

It was a warm afternoon and staying indoors listening to lectures just sounded like disrespecting the great weather we had in Lugano. It didn't take much persuasion when a few of my colleagues asked if I would like to join them for a boat trip around lake Lugano. After all. The ferry terminal was only a 10 minute walk from the Congress Hall.

Straight after lunch, we ventured out. We decided to take a quick trip as another lecture later in the afternoon was not to be missed. Off we went.

The trip was on an open top boat, but with an air-conditioned cabin at the bottom if the weather upstairs was too hot, or should it be raining. The round trip around the lake would last for an hour, and you could freely disembark and catch the subsequent boat if you fancy a quiet walk at the little towns and villages that the boat passed along the route.

The main stop was a quaint little village called Gandria. A few of our colleagues stopped, but we decided against it as the next boat would be around 90 minutes after. Too long a wait even in such a gorgeous setting. And it was too early in the afternoon for the restaurants and cafe to be opened just yet.

So, we stayed in the boat through out the trip. The weather was warm enough for me to catch some sun burn. After 20 minutes all of us went to the lower deck enjoying the scenery from there.

The place was really gorgeous. The best time to venture would've been earlier in the day, maybe around 10 am or so, when the weather was bright but not too sunny. Late afternoon was just too warm, at least for me. I prefer a quick walk then stop by a cafe in that sort of weather.

Should you end up in Lugano, it was definitely worth the time taking the boat trio, but as I mentioned, best to take the ride in the mornings or just before lunch and catch a meal at one of the boat stops. And make sure that you bring your camera along. There were plenty of gorgeous snaps to be had.

The rest of the photos from the outing can be seen here.

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