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Daddy Got a Brand New Lens

Yes. I deserved it. I decided to dive in and get the lens I had been waiting for for the last six months - ever since Fuji announced that they were releasing it.

It was the Fujinon 23 f1.4 for my X-Pro1. An X mount lens which on the camera would translate to 35 mm. The length I always wanted. The X100 cane with that as standard, but only recently that Fuji announced the X mount version.

Getting hold of one was a challenge. I had to put in an order and last week, I got the call that it was finally in. Went to pick it up after work yesterday, but still didn't have the chance to put it through its paces. Was hoping to be able to do that this afternoon but my boys wanted to stay indoors.

The lens was heavier than the other two I have - the 17mm f2.0 and 35mm f1.4. It also had two features which I had only found out.

First, it came with a neat and eye-catching flower-shaped hood. Due the size, I could see the hood obstructing my field of view if I peer through the optical viewfinder. Although I could just switch to electronic viewfinder, I still prefer the optical. It was one of the main reasons I upgraded from the X100.

The second feature was the MF-AF mechanism - switching between auto and manual focus. It was built into the focusing ring. You pull it in to activate manual focus, and tug it out to go automatic. It was surprisingly sturdy and reassuring. In fact, the whole lens was well-built.

With the three prime lenses, I got the 24mm, 35mm and 50mm (although closer to 53mm) covered. The f1.4 allows for some proper bokeh although it would be more prominent on the 35mm.

Can't wait to try it out on my next outing .... which may be later tonight ...

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