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Settling In

Was to tired to blog last night when we arrived at Melaka. The drive in was really smooth, leaving KL just after 6.30, making it to the hotel by 9. Check-in was also pretty straight forward before we head straight for dinner. I was starving then.

Nice comfortable suite Anita booked and settling into the room took a long time as usual with the boys jumping around excitedly. Real havoc and it was way past midnight before they finally settled.

I had a bath instead of the a shower while enjoying the boys bickering. And I was already asleep when they finally settled down.

The hotel we stayed was right in the middle urge town, built in the 90s and was more of a business hotel than for tourist. But the location was excellent. And they had a swimming pool, which was a prerequisite.

I had just finished my breakfast while Anita was having hers downstairs. The boys were still asleep and I was tasked to plan today's excursions. My parents-in-law was around as well, so we couldn't plan anything too taxing. They came here to relax. But a beca ride or two may do them good. Will probably do that after lunch.

More on the rest of the trip here.

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