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Muzium Kesultanan Melaka

Out first outing this afternoon was off a beca, heading towards A Famosa. But with the number if stairs to negotiate up the hill, Anita took the easier option. Right next door to the fort entrance was a replica of an old Istana Melaka, turned into a museum. And a slick one at that.

Entrance was nominal especially occupy carry a MyKad. The whole museum was built of wood but the interior was comfortable enough, complete with air conditioning.

Shoes off please ...There were three level of exhibits, two which were opened to the public. The exhibits basically was a good introduction to life in the Melaka Sultanate of the 15th Century.

Puan Anita doing a bit of exploring

Intricate wall carvingsThere were also exhibits on attire from each of the Peninsular states. And the centerpiece of the museum was a replica of an old Balai Rong Seri.

Things were nearly laid out, and the exhibits were marked in clear English, not those off Google Translate.

The boys doing exploring on their ownOne word sprung to mind when I saw this ..... MATRIX!I spent the whole visit explaining to my boys who Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat were. And they both agreed that Tuah should not have killed Jebat just because the Sultan told him to. After all, the Sultan had made a prior decision to banish Tuah in the first place. His judgement hence were flawed. And the Sultan is not Allah. Sound logic in that. Certain things should never be argued about I guessed.

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