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KL City Gallery

This was something new that I discovered. Not exactly a museum, but a showroom for the local handicraft company ARCH - famous for wooden gifts - to promote their products. But it was done tastefully in the form of man exhibition centre.

Located right opposite Dataran Merdeka famous flagpole, this converted colonial building host a gallery about KL in the past as well as a unique model of the town the size of a room.

They served plenty of information - could be more - as well as promote local events such as walks and bus rides. The great location could certainly be a hub for tourist activities but the promotions was pretty basic. I stumbled into it after seeing the bright red 'I live KL' sign sitting at its door. Cool stuff indeed.

A room-sized model of Kuala LumpurModel of Bangunan Sultan Abdul SamadA great idea but something which should have been done by the local tourism board rather than a private company due to a clear conflict of interest. The collection of old artifact was pretty basic. I felt that more effort should have been made for it to carry the title of a city gallery. This was more of a showroom. Can't blame ARCH though. It was a genuine effort on their part to start all this.

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