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Sunday Afternoon

We arrived back to Gombak to be greeted with the news that the water supply had been cut. Not much notice were given out as the cut was due to some contamination issue at the treatment plant. Some diesel seeped through rendering the water unsafe for use. What a bummer!

We contemplated repacking and head back to apartment but that would be too much of a hassle.

After sorting out the children's homework and settled them down, Anita and I went out. Bukit Bintang today as Anita wanted to shop for some dress there. That gave me the chance to venture into Low Yat. The mission that afternoon was to look for a Bluetooth earset for my phone.

Tough luck. Not many good models available. Most of them were made by Jabra and I have already got an old unit I could still use. Nothing much on show that day. Even iPhone 6 ran out of stock .... a slow weekend for them I guessed.

We parked the car at Pavilion and after Anita was done with her shopping, we were caught in heavy rain to get back to the car. We ended up stopping for some coffee at Lot 10 instead.

After half an hour or so, we decided to walk through the rain, but on second thought, bought an umbrella from one of the street peddler there - for RM10! But it did its job. We got to the car and started driving home before getting drench. The rain that afternoon was torrential, with flash flooding in a few places in KL. We got home just in time ....

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