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Nu Sentral 

As mentioned, I had some for lunch today. I had always wondered what does Nu Sentral looked like as I passed through it a few months back. It was before the opening hours then when I joined a few fellow photographers venturing around Brickfields. So, I decided to have lunch there today.

I was surprised at how big the place was. Quite easily 8 floors of shops and each floor took some walking to cover. Not as big as Berjaya Time Square in terms of square footage but just as dizzyingly big. Bear in mind that not all the shops were opened yet.

Loving the curves and anglesAnd also at the outside courtyardGetting into the mall could be tricky if rounders not familiar with Brickfields. I drove from the centre of Brickfields towards the town centre with the mall being on my left. I then entered the parking lot from here, an easy drive as KL was still quiet after the Raya celebration. And the parking lot was practically empty.

As Deepavali was around the corner, the main foyer was filled with kolam, the colourful rice decoration on the floor. A competition was being held and the patterns looked very impressive.

And then the climbing started. I was sure that Anita would've been pleased if she were to come along. Most of the major outlets were there, including Godiva Cafe - Idlan's favourite. The outlet at Pavilion doesn't have any seating any more. Uni Glo, H&M, even Burton was there. The food court were located on the upper floors. The anchor tenant was Parkson.

Nice cafe ...Must say that the architecture did not reflect the surrounding neighbourhoodColourful kolam as part of the competition. Deepavali round the corner.From one of the upper floorsLooking downStaring at the ceilingIn the coming months, there would be a bowling alley and multiplex opening. By then the place would be impressive.

But what struck me about the place was the architecture. Impressive. Not just the inside. The outside walkway was also as impressive. The mall was linked to KL Sentral and Monorail, hence transport should not be an issue.

After walking around the place close to one and a half hour, I then settled in for some fast food before heading back to my apartment 10 minutes away for more reading.

Would definitely be visiting again, this time with Anita and the boys.

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