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F1 Was Back

It wasn't often that I got the chance to sit in front of the TV to watch a Formula One race. It was a mixture of the races being monotonous, plus work issues and also time of day.

It was Australia this time, so there was no time zone issues. It started at 2 pm which was perfect. And this being the first race of the season, things were often. And the subject of questionable reliability dominated the day, to add spice to the proceeding.

It was an exciting race. Issues at the start with cars stuck on the grid. An unprecedented two warm-up laps. First corner incident. Retirements from the reigning champion. It was a gripping first few laps. But once the pattern set in, things started to get routine again.

But I must say that I was impressed with Ricciado. He had a good race, and the previous experience with Toro Rosso really showed. Great temperament. Although he finished second. Nice Rossberg had the best package and he clearly utilised it.

Next race would be in Sepang. Not enough to entice me to go, but I felt that some of the F1 mojo coming back. Which could only be a good thing. ‎

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