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In Lumut

It was time for me to take some time off. It coincided with the term break for my boys as well. The timing was tight as I had just finished with the Annual MSH meeting. The destination? Lumut.

But it was not without some drama. The initial plan was to stay at Damai Laut. I had stayed there before back in 2010, when I was invites to talk there. Anita scoured the internet and learned that the resort had won a few awards in the last few years. So, she booked a room there. They boys, Anita and my mother-in-law left for Lumut a day before me. I would join them on the Sunday right after I was done with my conference.

Nice sunsetEvening stroll to the bazaar

But she was mightily disappointed with both, the level of service and the quality of the room. The food was also really bad. And the staff there preferentially treated the foreigners as God and the locals as pariah - which was not uncommon. It was bad enough that I would be writing to the General Manager of the Swiss Garden Group which run the chain when I get back to KL.

Anita checked out after a night stay. She got a room in town instead a another resort. Although the new place was old, the level of service there was a lot better, and they actually served food.

They had already settles in into the new suite when I reached Lumut. The boys were much happier at the place. And it was at the edge of town, making shopping and traveling to Pangkor that much easier.

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