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Padang Kota

A trip to Penang for me won't be complete without a stop at Padang Kota for laksa, sotong kangkung (squid and spinach) or sotong bakar (grilled squid). But most of the time it would be all three - like today.

After an afternoon nap, we set off for a ten minutes drive up the street to Padang Kota. Still early, we managed to get a spot to park without much hassle. Sat down, ordered the stuff and enjoyed the food. The boys only stared at us at the beginning although later Irfan joined us for laksa.

We tended to order from the same stall every time we came here. It was located at a corner, away from the sea front where most of the customers usually sat. It was good again today, although the squid was rather overcooked. The laksa was still the bomb though.

Sotong kangkungSome proper laksaOf course, some sotong bakarNext came the walk along the beach front. There were many vendors selling toys, and my boys went for the bubble guns. Before long, it was mayhem!

It was still an overcast day, with not much wind, making the weather rather muggy. A strong breeze would have been better. Once the bubbles dried up, we took a drive towards Batu Feringghi. It was almost Maghrib when we reached there, and Anita decided against getting off. There was a night market near the main intersection and the traffic was already starting to build up.

Time to head back to the hotel then ...

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