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Into Town

As I mentioned, the shopping malls were near. Apple Store was only a 10 minutes walk and the mall nearby had a floor full of tech shops. Shame that they were not cheap! The recent currency downturn certainly taking a toll on the wallet.

I got straps for my Apple Watch and of course something for Anita on the Saturday evening when I had time to have a walk. After breakfast on Sunday, I had another chance for a stroll, but this early in Sunday morning, it wasn't much to see compared to Bangkok. The place appeared quite sterile and the locals were not as approachable as the Thai were.

The Langham was located 5 minutes away from Harbour City, a huge mall located next to a pier. This was where cruise ships came to dock, making the place popular to tourist. And the prices of items there were certainly not for bargain-hunters. Some of the top brands retailed more expensive than in KL, and in the end, I only shopped for the novelty factor.

I had a quick stop at the Leica store. Yes, they had the Leica Q there, but it would've cost me RM4000 more than in KL, although the waiting list is around 4 months back home. There was always the threat of price hack at home to with the currency and all.

After Harbour City, before I split with the main group to go to Apple Store, we went to a more downmarket part of town. And the reason for going there was to food. It was off-limits for me anyhow since it was not going to be Halal, but I got to see the real locals. They have high purchasing powers despite the high price of goods. And I would imagine that housing was expensive as well. They have quite a big crowd of migrant workers judging from the number of foreign restaurants there. The only Halal one was a Turkish kebab joint, but I didn't want to risk my tummy.

The Apple Store was as you'd expect, but I would put that in a separate entry later, plus my gadget-hunting exploits.

More write-up on the trip here.

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