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Better than Expected 

A week late, but we were not disappointed. I was talking abut Star Wars here. After a week of long days and regular calls, I finally had a free evening on Xmas Eve. The original plan was to go out for dinner. A quick look online and there was a show just 45 after.

We rushed through dinner after grabbing the last few seats - it was the third row from the front. Got ourselves settled and we're mesmerised from the opening credit.

I was sat with Idlan and I could here him gasping and punching the at the key moments. He also recognised the old character of the franchise as well as the ships and the locations. He was completely enthralled right through the end.

And yes, he was really into the plot twists and turns. Easily the best movie we saw this year - the best prior to this for me being a toss-up between The Martian and Hitman.

Highly recommend regardless of either you were a Star Wars nerd or otherwise. Couldn't wait for the next instalment of the series. Well done JJ Abrams. There was enough to move forward whole the director clearly respecting the past legacy of the film. He had certainly mastered the art of paying homage based on his work on Star Trek and the very Spielbergian "Super 8".

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