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The Two Temples

Namely Guan Di and Sin Sze Si Ya Temples at Jalan Tun H S Lee, just round the corner from Central Market. It was Chinese New Year after all and words were out that some of my photography buddy were out in town.

I rushed through the morning rounds and parked my car at NU Sentral, taking the LRT to Central Market to join the rest.

It was still early, and we were in between a change of crowds. The early morning ones had just left and the ones for mid morning were just trickling in. And the light was kind as well. Just enough to capture the wonderful colours without compromising the contrast.

But the main drawback was the smoke from the incense. I could stand the smell but the sting onto the eyes which hurt. It also formed layers at the front of my lens filter. And by the end, my whole shirt and hair smelt of soot.

Guan Di was the first that we stopped at. It was more opened and more crowded. The second stop was better for me. It was more intimate and the place being indoors created some interesting light. Although a bit more smokey. For good effect of course.

I just had to stay away from those coming in to worship but on the whole, no one gave me any grief. It was a great outing although I had to head back to the hospital to see a referral right after.

I would definitely do another temple run in the future but maybe with better planning. It was more of a spur of the moment thing yesterday.

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