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The New Prime

I have been fascinated by the Zeiss Otus for a while. A hunk of a lens, big optics, aperture of 1.4, but bulky and only manual focus. Zeiss had a couple versions of this - 55mm and 85mm, as well as a couple of mounts, one for Canon and another for Niton.

None for either Sony or Fuji, unless you get yourself an adaptor.

By sheer size, it wouldn't be practical to attach it at the front of my Alpha 7. Too unwieldy.

Around Xmas, I heard about a Zeiss made lens for the Sony, called the Loxia. Manual focus, and not as big. The review was decent, but I don't think I would more out of the Loxia compared to my Summicron. I ditched the plan.

Three months back, I heard about the collaboration between Sony and Zeiss to make a wide aperture prime for the Alpha range. Soon after, the 35mm f1.4 Distagon was announced. I didn't hesitate and started doing some reading.

Reportedly great quality lens with full fast auto focus to boot.

I got my hands on one to test last week at one of the Sony Centre as my regular dealer was not able to secure a shipment before June. The deliveries prior had been taken. The resulting snaps were better than I expected. It didn't get long before I put in my order and during the weekend, I received a call that my lens was in.

It was bulky for sure but surprisingly well balanced on my Alpha 7 mk II. Not as nifty as having the Summilux attached but auto focus does have its merit.

Since the weather had not been kind, I have yet to really take the lens out for a good spin. I was looking at a busy week, so I could only test in next weekend. ‎

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