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The Packing was Done

I was at the hospital until about 3 am last night. And was at my Sister's place before that since the boys wanted to play with their cousin. And with the atrocious traffic from Bangsar to Kajang, it was almost midnight when we reached home. And then in it the phone call. Off i went after dropping Anita and the boys off.

I woke up late this morning - no clinics, just some errands to do. Got my ward work sorted out and it was close to noon when i finally reached hone to pack. Luckily, Anita had already bundled everything in. All that was left was my personal stuffs and gadgets of course.

I decided to bring both my OM-D and GR along to Kota Kinabalu. Hopefully I don't have to be on photography duty because I would only be able to the basics. While there, I hoped I could do a bit of sightseeing and sample the local food. I shall plan that after checking into my room tonight.

So, I have just left KL Sentral, now on the train to the airport after having a spot of lunch with Anita. I might have something to eat at ths airport while waiting for my flight. Travelling is just not my thing...

I wished that I have taken an easier flight so that I could have more time to rest after checking into the hotel later. Bad planning on my part actually. At least I decided to leave on Sunday rather than Saturday evening...

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