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Return to The Mall

Or should I say, the newly renamed Sunway Putra Mall.

Yes, the place looked different to what I remembered. Gone were the huge glass canopy over the main atrium, replaced by column of shop floors and a central foyer. The old cinema and indoor theme park was also gone, replaced with more shops although the famous eatery on the top floor remained, although there were new restaurants there.

The old Yaohan was replaced with Uniqlo, and still plenty of shops under renovation or practically empty. The parking lots were the same as before. Cramp and damp, but now with the option of valet parking at the main entrance. Access was much better now with LRT attached to the main building.

The place was still yet officially opened, and was still empty even for a Sunday lunch time. Not all the restaurants were opened, but we had a nice lunch at Lorong Seratus Tahun, a Penang-themed food outlet. 

Going there with Anita brought back many memories of the late 80's and early 90's. Sweet ones. I remember going to have lunch there on the days I was due to fly back to the UK and doing last minute shopping. That also seemed to be THE place for meetups when friends come in from out of town during school breaks. The hippest place before KLCC and Pavilion or even One Utama were the rage.

Oh, time has changed. One of the girls at the shop corrected us when we said that "The Mall" looked different. She said, there is no "The Mall", there is only "Sunway Putra Mall". Hipster!!!

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