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Bukit Nanas Canopy Walk

We had been waiting for the canopy walk to be reopened for almost a couple of years now. We went through the old route a few month back and from a chance look, we found out that the canopy was opened.

So, off we went. Anita and I, and in must say that I was impressed.

The map of the routeCome through hereCome this wayThe cool breezy weather certainly helped but the walk was well-shaded anyway. We went through the wrong was since we parked out car at KL Tower. The canopy was at least 250m long and it was quite high if you're afraid of heights. Coming down the hill was a doddle but coming back up involved at least 5 flights of stairs.

Luckily there were plenty of benches to rest. No drinks station though. We had drinks later at KL Tower.

Definitely worth a visit and the canopy walk were children friendly - although I haven't tested them with Idlan and Irfan.

Reaching the other sideThe city stayed in the background for onceThere were plenty of space for facilities but could be utilised better. Even to get to a cafe you would need to head to Menara KL.For the thirst after the walkAnd some snackThe walk was opened daily from 10am to 6pm. Access was either from KL Tower or from the bottom at Jalan Raja Chulan.

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