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I decided to go for a dedicated wide-angle lens to go with the full frame setup after trying out the wide-angle Fujinon zoom on my X-pro 2. There were not many choices to go with unless I go for Leica glass and manual focus them. The alternative would be to go with the Zeiss range with auto-focus built in.

I went with the Zeiss and picked up the Batis 18mm. Although the Fuji could go wider, I felt that 18mm was wide enough. It gave me a different perspective, allowing me to capture the scene in its entirety. I could also crop the photos in post, and the 42 MP coming out from my Alpha 7R mark II gave plenty of leeway.

I only managed to take the new setup out for a couple of outings due to my work schedule. But so far I had been impressed. The distortion were definitely there, but it added to the charm of this particular combination. The chromatic aberration was something to watch out for but it could be easily corrected using Aperture later.

I found the snaps to be rich and contrasty. Sometime to get the right frame I had to go uncomfortably close to the subject. But that was just part of the fun!

The Batis lens focussing speed was quick and the photos appeared sharper when I stop it down to f4. That was not an issue when you were outdoors in plenty of light .... Would definitely be posting more of this combination in the future especially in indoors setting, capturing the Raya decorations. Combine this with the a 35mm prime attached to the X-Pro would make a for a great day out ....

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