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The GoPro Captures - Part I

When I bought the GoPro Hero 6 Black, I didn't realise how good the photos were going to be. They passed my expectations to be honest in such a compact and easy to carry unit.

The photos were never going to be better than my Alpha 7R mark II with Zeiss Batis wide angle combo. In the right light, the results were just as delightful. With any fixed aperture lens, you would not be able to gain extra sharpness by stepping down the aperture. There were no optical zoom features and the electronic stabilisation only worked for the videos, not photos.

Captured from my balconyThe street of Orchard. The camera did not cope with high dynamic range that well.I did some post-processing dodging to bring out the coloursLet's start with the pluses. The whole setup was light and easy to use. There were not many buttons needed pressing. Just power up and you were good to go. If you needed to toggle a few of the options, the touch screen was a boon.

The lens as I mentioned was much sharper than I expected. Since it was a wide angle, at any distance, you were very likely to get all your subjects in focus. Point and click at its finest.

Nice effectFrom the top. Captured at ISO 800.A semi close-upThen came the part of transferring the captures either to your smartphone or computer. For the phone, I just switch on the built-in wifi on the GoPro, select the GoPro app on my iPhone. I was able to transfer the photos in seconds.

Bicycle in the crowdI must say I have no issue with this perspective ...The shadows seemed to be captured well at low ISOBack at my study, I used the supplied USB 3 to USB-C cable and using the GoPro Quik app, the transfer was just as straight forward. Charging the GoPro was also easy since it worked with any USB-C charger cables. It worked with my Samsung cable.

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