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Comparison 4

iPhone 5S - 1/2160 f2.2 ISO32HTC One - 1/2959s f2.2 ISO125There were a couple of difference between these two snaps right off the bat. Colour temperature and dynamic range. And on both counts, I plumped for the iPhone. The overall tone of the snap was more pleasing with a cooler palate overall, and the sensor did well inpreserving the highlights as well as retaining enough of the shadow to make the overall exposure just about right. Not perfect, but not too far off.

The HTC One on the other hand accentuated the harsh temperature of the sun on this late afternoon snap. As a result, the tone was orange brown, with a tinge of green. If you were looking for the 70s colour film tone, then this would be perfect, but not my cup of tea.

My vote went for the iPhone on this one.

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Comparison 3

iPhone 5S - 1/1580s f2.2 ISO32HTC One - 1/486s f2.0 ISO125A clear difference between the two snaps here. The iPhone underexposed in order to preserve the highlight at the expense of overall underexposed scene, while the HTC One prioratised the shadow. I was sure by using the HDR algorithm, the overall snap would look different, but the dynamic range might not look real.

Another limitation here was the fact taht I did not select the specific metering area. I just pressed the shutter and let the camera figure out how it prefer to expose the final snap. The right exposire maybe somewhere in between the two. I was sure the sensors on a dSLR or my X-Pro1 would have coped better.

So, which one do you guys prefer? My vote went to the HTC One on this one.

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