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Slo Mo Trampoline

I took a few videos during our night out at Jump Street. Wished that there were plenty more llght though ....

And another one ...

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But it had served me well. Very well. But it looked like I would have to buy another one.

Not exactly talking about a new phone here, but the power pack for my iPhone. The one I had been using since September last year had finally had it after one too many drops. So, I the bottom part of my phone was left exposed, and it needed replacing.

The pack I had been using - since my iPhone 4 days, had been the Mophie Juice Pack Plus. It had the biggest capacity - but the bulkiest - and able to give an extra full charge at the flip of a switch. The other advantage was it allowed me to charge my phone using a Micro USB connector, which was the same as my BlackBerry and Nexus 7. Made carrying a charger for trips that much easier.

What was left ...It also gave a decent all round protection for my phone - as you could tell, it needed protection. I had been very happy with it.

So, I would endeavour to head to a Mac accessory shop later and see what I can pick up. Maybe I would by the Air or Helium variety. Smaller but less capacity.

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More Walkies 

Just after the ward round last Sunday morning, I set off to Low Yat to get hold of a new cover for my Nexus 7 tablet. The old one was getting rugged and the front film cover needed replacing after almost a year.

It seemed that the Low Yat stopover was not the main highlight but rather the nice weather that afternoon. So, with the new iPhone, I set about getting more snaps.

I thought I was getting the hang of the limitations and was now starting to get better photographs. The nice sunny weather helped as well .....

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iPhone 5S snaps slideshow

The snaps was taken on the weekend that I got hold of the phone. I was still familiarising myself with the quirks that came with the iPhone and the snaps may not reflect the true capability of the cameraphone. Anyhow, I found the output satisfactory enough to be shared.

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Comparison 5

iPhone 5S - 1/1642 f2.2 ISO32HTC One - 1/6410s f2.0 ISO125I was really surprised to see how differently these two snaps came out. Both snaps were ported into my laptop as jpg staright off the photostream without any on the phone manipulation. The snaps were then processed into Aperture, then exported out after the file name and metadata was changed, and borders were added. No change to the levels or exposure was done.

The HTC One actually exposed the for the highlights and the snap was again tainted with a rather harsh overall tone. The iPhone on the other hand produced a more pleasing snap, with some preservation of the shadows. Again not perfect, but in terms of overall tone and palatte, I personally prefered the iPhone.

That being said, I think there was a pattern emerging here. I found that the iPhone coped better in the bright sunlight and outdoors snap, but struggled with underexposure indoors. It rendered skin tone better, but getting the right exposure may need some tweaking.

The HTC One on the other made for an excellent "on the fly" snapper. Street photography came out better on the HTC as there wasn't any shutter lag during snapping. The camera was also chunkier to hold and easier to focus as the screen was a touch bigger.

On a personal level, the jury was still out between these two cameraphones. They were both capable, but at the end of the day, what you can do with the snaps may dictate your preferance. Obviously, the Android took advanatge of its "open source" tag and sharing snaps was more straight forward on the HTC, but it didn't have a good post-processing app such as Camera+ to help with the final output. Snapseed was OK, but the fact that I couldn't even get a proper border out of it frustrated me.

So, the choice is yours, and I would be more than happy to continue to carry these two phones in my pockets.

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